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Baby cosmetics: baby skin delicate, weak resistance. In the preparation, the low stimulating raw material should be selected, and the essence should also choose the low-stimulation excellent products.
Young use cosmetics: the juvenile skin is in the development period, the skin condition is not stable, and easy to grow acne. It can choose the raw material that adjust sebum secretion, make up weak oily cosmetics.
Ms lady cosmetics, cosmetics should be chosen according to their skin condition and age, in general, choose filling water to moisten the dry skin cosmetics, oily skin choose relaxed and easy through cosmetics; Before the age of 20, choose protective cosmetics better, 20-30 years old to choose to protect and moisten the dual function, after 30 years of age will choose to delay aging to remove wrinkles and so on cosmetics.
Male cosmetics: the male is mostly lipid skin, should choose the raw material suitable for lipid skin. Shaving cream and aftershave lotion are men's special cosmetics.
Pregnant women cosmetics: women during pregnancy, because estrogen and progesterone secretion increases, the energy of the ego to protect and repair skin is not enough to cope with the increasing promote the melanin, resulting in increased melanin, cause skin pigment, the skin is the most afraid of ultraviolet ray and radiation, they would quickly defeat the defense capability of skin, make skin energy, pregnancy spots on face at any time, at the same time, the energy attenuation of skin also unable to fight against the resulting skin water storage capacity and the threat of cell metabolism ability, leading to water shortage, dry, oil, acne, blain blain, sensitive, and even inflammation and a series of skin problems. So pay extra attention to skin care during pregnancy.