Research and Development



Company general manager in 2006 won the national ministry of science and technology "spark plan" advanced worker "title of honor, the company manufacturing base of Chinese herbal medicine processing and materials are classified as" state-level spark program project "construction, the project number: 2006 ea740017, approval number: g&k send word [2006] no. 2006.
Since 2010, as the modern constitution and improvement of living standards and cultural needs, red Yang pharmaceutical after a large number of laboratory and clinical data of screening, decided to take the lead in research and development, a concept of "original ecological liquid" products.
In 2012, we successfully extracted the active ingredients of MACA (MACA, and ginseng) and aloe vera in Peru. Through repeated clinical test and inspection certificate, MACA MACA spray, hygiene wipes, gel, gel series products broke through the industry technical bottleneck for many years, to solve the defects of the traditional products has reached the good experience of moderate strong no stimulation effect, after the market welcomed by the market, for external use disinfection hygiene products development has injected new vitality.