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Justin elliott, Australia's senior minister for the elderly, has published the country's longest-lived region: the longest living area for women is the sunshine coast of Queensland, with an average life expectancy of 84.7 years. The oldest area for men is the cooler Melbourne - Canberra, with an average life expectancy of 80 years. Statistics from the point of view, living in a warm, sunny areas of female life longer, and in the cool climate region living men live longer, this rule applies on a global scale.
So why are men afraid of heat and women cold?
According to Chinese medicine, women are cold by nature, so they are afraid of cold. Men are naturally hot, so they are afraid of heat. From a physiological perspective, the differences in male and female reproductive systems also contribute to their temperature differences. The testicles in the male reproductive organs are not resistant to high temperatures and need to be kept at a lower temperature than the body temperature, otherwise the sperm will be harmed. And the uterus of woman is like an inverted pear, belong to cool sex, do not pay attention to keep warm, can appear menstruation is not adjusted, dysmenorrhea, etc. Therefore, women need warm care more.
A man wants a cold woman to be hot.
One, the man "cold" health maintenance.
As the saying goes, "a young man sleeps in a cold bed." There is some truth to this. Men's firepower is indeed stronger than women's. For them, it might be tempting to try "cold" health.
The water is cold. Bubble bath, sauna, comfortable and refreshing, but sauna room temperature up to 50 ℃, 70 ℃, the growth of sperm fragile environment, even cause "death". Recommended for men do not frequent hot water bath or sauna, once a week, temperature at 37 ℃ - 41 ℃ advisable, 15-20 minutes every time, no more than 30 minutes a week. Men who have fertility requirements do not take a hot bath or sauna for half a year.
2. The crotch is cold. The male scrotum has a temperature-regulating function, like an "air conditioner" that regulates the temperature of the entire reproductive organ. , experts say, ride a bike or drive for a long time, love to wear jeans, use a laptop on your lap, sitting in the comfortable sofa for a long time, such as habits, will cause compression of the scrotum surrounded, adjust temperature properly, so that testicular temperature rise, reproductive function is affected. Therefore, men should not wear tight jeans, underwear should be relaxed and comfortable breathable. For men like taxi drivers and office workers, it's best to get up every 40 minutes for 8-10 minutes.
Eat cold. Scientists in Spain and Italy have revealed a big reason for women's longevity - eating low-calorie foods. Women usually eat a vegetarian diet, eat less, eat more meat, eat more, and often gorge. Men's preference for animal fat will overload the kidneys and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and malignancy. Even "lean meat", invisible to the naked eye, accounts for 28%. Therefore, men should learn to eat a low calorie diet and reduce animal fat intake.
4, the fire is coming down. When a man is over 40 years old, his body is impaired and his temper is growing. American researchers followed more than 700 40-year-old men for five years and found that 5.8 percent of them had had a heart attack at least once in five years. Once a breath destroys health, tolerance is the "vitamin" that maintains mental health.
Second, women "hot" health maintenance.
Cold feet in the winter, night drilling into the bed feet are not warm, as long as the office is slightly more cool, you will feel backache... Such "cold women" are becoming more common nowadays. In fact, cold is the biggest destruction to women's health and beauty, not only the hands and feet are cold, but also the face is prone to spots. So, women need to be "warm" to themselves.
Warm your feet to sleep. Feet are the second heart of a woman. German gross Hans, sleep disorder treatment hospital holger haiyin believes that women with every night before going to bed around 40 ℃ hot bubble foot 15-30 minutes, can not only relieve back pain, also can promote sleep. Bubble foot water can not be too shallow, want at least not at the foot, connect the leg to bubble together, the effect will be better. Cold women should wear warm cotton socks to protect their feet before going to bed at night.
2. Warm food and nourish the stomach. Women had better eat less cold, cold food, especially cold, hands and feet often cold, colds, and women in the menstrual cycle should pay more attention. Advised women can eat more in winter jujube yam congee, five colours the congee porridge, astragali dangshen stewed mutton, radish sparerib soup can removing blood gas, enhanced physique, and resistance, when cooking also can put some ginger, pepper, hot pepper and so on has the role of "hot" dressing.