Leader's speech

Leader's speech

Red sun pharmaceutical co
Since its establishment in 1996, hongyang pharmaceutical has gone through 20 years. With the support of local government and competent departments, under your partner's trust, red Yang pharmaceutical one step a footprint, person first, steady steady, made today's achievements, in this with perennial concern, support, help red Yang pharmaceutical companies in the development of leaders at all levels, said the most heartfelt thanks to friends from all walks of life!
Vitality determines influence
Hongyang pharmaceutical co., LTD., founded 20 years ago, is dedicated to inheriting the noble mission of the five thousand years of TCM culture focusing on natural health and health preservation.
In 2006, the company undertook the construction project of hongyang Chinese herbal medicine processing and production base, and was awarded the honorary title of national spark program project by the ministry of science and technology.
The unremitting exploration and innovation in the field of traditional Chinese medicine has laid a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company.
With the product technology leading and product innovation enterprise theory, hongyang pharmaceutical has been recognized and trusted by all sectors of society.
Through the eu CE certification
Through CQC China quality certification center certification, obtained ISO9001 as the representative of the three systems certification.
A healer is a lover of benevolence
Hongyang pharmaceutical co., LTD. Has always been committed to the development and production of conscience products for the benefit of the public.
The entrepreneur runs his own conscience, merely by running the enterprise and producing high-quality products.
Hongyang pharmaceutical has always been adhering to the concept of "carrying forward the living beings and loving the public welfare", aiming at producing products that satisfy consumers and satisfying products. Meanwhile, it is committed to contributing to society and giving back to society. It is devoted to make the red sun into the whole society.
Red Yang pharmaceutical industry has been in operation practice with a commitment to "enterprise" conscience, in the process of enterprise gained great progress, love public welfare, concerned about public welfare, difficult groups actively funded with action to care about life.
It is an enterprise's mission and responsibility to carry forward the five thousand years of Chinese medicine culture and promote the natural healthy life concept.
The red sun is the red Yang of the red Yang and the red sun of the society
Hongyang is responsible for the employees, responsible to the customers and responsible to the consumers. Red Yang for a long time, uphold the "society" of the society, with the spirit of continuing to create the value of the society and the public, consumers to create a healthy and happy tomorrow, to build a more harmonious, the beautiful world is to struggle for life.
Thanks for having you! Gratitude has you!