Health and public welfare

Kangai beings

Kangai beings

What is the real good? How can the chaos of chaos return to the original?
Baidu tells us that "public welfare" is the short term for public interest, which is a popular way to serve the people. Refers to the welfare and interests of the public. "Commonweal" is after the word, may fourth movement only appears, its meaning is "public interest". Thus, more concepts such as public welfare organizations and public welfare activities are derived.
Therefore, public welfare should be translated into the benefits (or benefits) of everyone. Since it is everybody's benefit, it should be everybody's business; Since it is everyone's business, we should do it together.
True public welfare: the giver has no charity, and the recipient does not beg
What is public good? In the view of the hongyang people, the "one good day" advocated by the ancients is a kind of public welfare. Doing public welfare does not need to carry the banner of "public welfare". Instead, it needs a heart that is willing to give and willing to give, as long as the "good" within the capacity of "doing" is to do public welfare.
True public welfare: all people know that watanabe is not only a ferry person, but the world is known to ferry people.
The real public benefit should not be just to help others, but to people. Help others, only for a while. They can be passed on. Man can cross, man can cross, man can cross. The chaotic world should return to her original appearance.
All this, however, takes time and time. From groups to individuals, from individuals to groups. From acceptance to doubt, from childhood to justice. From the officialdom to the heart, from the stupid to the technology. From society to humanities, from medicine to education. From production to economy, from finance to law. From hypocrisy to true goodness, from the benefit to the "public good".
Real benefit: he, me, and you!
Everybody's business, everybody's world, everybody's is; Everybody's business, everybody's world, everybody's right and wrong; Everybody's business, everybody's world build.
The public good is a "big deal", but the truth should not be regarded as a "big thing", but a "common thing". In fact, the real commonweal is in daily, often, ordinary, often, very, unusual life trivia, meet unusual he! Extraordinary me! And unusual you!
There is no limit to love, no end to charity. Let us walk hand in hand, let each heart sink into this sea of love.